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8156 4 Mile Road
East Leroy, MI 49051

Office: 269-979-9421

Office Hours:
Tue-Wed-Thur 9:00am - 4:30pm 

Supervisor: Laveta Hardish
Clerk: Nicole Hardish
Treasurer: Mark Christoff
Trustee: Mike VanHouten
Trustee: Jon Bolton
Assessor: Joyce Foondle
Building Department: Mike VanHouten
Fire Department: Fire Department
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Zoning Administrator: Rob Behnke

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Call Office: 269-979-4475

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Payments will include a convenience fee to the customer:

Per Credit/Debit card payment ……………………… 3% of payment amount

Per e-check payment (ACH) …………………………  $3.00 up to $10,000/$10 over 10,000

Separate checks are required when paying your Summer and Winter Taxes.

Make checks payable to Leroy Township.

Taxes are payable July 1 through September 14, 2020 without penalty or interest.  The Treasurer’s Office will be open 9 to 5:00 P.M. Monday September 14, for tax collection.  From September 15 - 30 a 1% interest charge will be added by the Township.  An additional 1% per month will be added by the Township to the unpaid balance on the 1st of each month thereafter through February 16, 2021.  Between February 17 and March 1, an additional 3% penalty will be added.  The Treasurer’s Office will be open on Monday March 1, from 9 – 5:00 P.M.  On March 2nd and thereafter additional charges will be added by Calhoun County as stated below under Winter taxes.

The law provides that beginning September 15, 2020, 1% interest be added to the tax bill each month or portion of a month. However, taxes may be deferred without penalty through February 16, 2021 if the taxpaying property owner is 62+ years old, or totally and permanently disabled and has a household income of $40,000 or less per year.  Applications for deferment are available through the Township Treasurer’s office and must be returned to the office by September 15, 2020.

Payable December 1, 2020 through February 16, 2021 without penalty or interest.  A 3% penalty will be added if taxes are paid between February 17 – March 1.   The Treasurer’s Office will be open on Monday March 1, from 9 – 5:00 P.M.   Beginning March 2nd, all real property taxes must be paid to: Calhoun County Treasurer, 315 W. Green Street, Marshall, MI 49068.  However, delinquent Personal Property taxes must be paid at the Township office.

NOTE: Please submit separate checks when paying Summer and Winter taxes together.

Checks are accepted as conditional payment of taxes.  If a check is not honored by your bank, the property tax will be considered unpaid and will be placed back on the tax roll.  A service charge will be applied for returned checks.

Failure to send or receive such notice shall not in any way prejudice the right to collect or enforce the payment of any tax.

You have the right to appear at the July and/or December Board of Review meetings for Principal Resident, Veterans and Agricultural Exemptions.  NOTE:   If a statement “All or Part of your prior year taxes were not paid” is on your tax bill, it is an indication that your taxes are delinquent.  Therefore, penalties and interest have been added.  You should contact Calhoun County Treasurer’s office at (269) 781-0807 for the actual amount due.

Property Tax Memo from Calhoun County:


Monday, June 1, 2020

Calhoun County Treasurer's
COVID-19 Hardship Extension Application

Homeowners unable to pay 2017 property taxes should contact the Calhoun County Treasurer's Office regarding the Hardship Extension Application. This simple application provides information necessary to develop a repayment plan for owed taxes. Calhoun County Treasurer Brian Wensauer hopes this accessible application will assist homeowners who are struggling financially.

"We know that many residents are struggling to pay bills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individual homeowners who are worried about paying 2017 taxes before the Monday, July 20 deadline should contact our office immediately. Our staff is ready to work with individuals to find solutions for payment of property taxes," Wensauer said.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an Executive Order in March extending the property tax payment deadline to 30 days after the State of Emergency Order is expired. The new date to avoid foreclosure in Calhoun County is Monday, July 20. If individual homeowners do not have the 2017 tax year paid in full by July 20, 2020, the property will foreclose on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Even for unoccupied property and vacant land, the recent Executive Order provides an opportunity for extension on property tax payment, as well.

Homeowners unable to pay 2017 property taxes by Monday, July 20 should fill out a one-page COVID-19 hardship extension application. The form is available as a fillable PDF in this press release, as well as on the Calhoun County Treasurer's Office website, under Property Tax Assistance. The application can be filled out digitally or by hand, and then should be returned to the Treasurer's Office by mail or email for processing. A member of the foreclosure prevention team will reach out after it is submitted to set up an appointment.

Click here for the COVID-19 Hardship Extension Application

For more information about paying property taxes and the Hardship Extension Application, contact the Calhoun County Treasurer's Office at 269-781-0807 or treasurerstaff@calhouncountymi.gov.

State of Michigan Re-opening information:

Governor Whitmer lifted Michigan’s Safer at Home order effective immediately on June 1 as the entire state moved to phase four of the MI Safe Start Plan.

The governor’s Executive Order 2020-110 also included the immediate lifting of specific restrictions with additional restrictions being lifted in the upcoming days as long as proper safety measures are adopted, practices and training including the implementation of workplace infection-control practices and employee training on the proper use of personal protective equipment are put in place, and employees are informed of steps they must take to notify their employers of any COVID-19 symptoms or suspected or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

Beginning Immediately:

  • Office work may resume where remote work is not possible.
  • Outdoor social gatherings of up to 100 people or less are allowed, but residents are encouraged to continue taking precautions to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19.
  • Outdoor sports/games and outdoor parks and recreational facilities, including campgrounds (for day or overnight camping) may be open.

Beginning Thursday, June 4:

  • Retail stores may resume normal operation subject to capacity restraints and workplace standards and serve customers without an appointment. Strict social distancing guidelines must be followed and customers are required to wear masks.

Beginning Monday, June 8:

  • Outdoor public swimming pools can begin reopening with capacity limited to 50 percent and subject to DHHS guidance.
  • Day camps for children may reopen subject to guidance issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.
  • Libraries and museums can reopen subject to rules governing retail stores.
  • Restaurants and bars may reopen statewide with limited (50 percent of less) capacity while maintaining social distancing. Servers must wear masks and all other employees must follow rigorous disinfection protocols. Patrons are required to wear masks until they are seated at their table.

Additional COVID-19 news and updates include:

With the rapid updates and changes being released, Michigan Township Association has created a new COVID-19 Recovery / Re-Opening webpage to assist local officials and their residents with questions and concerns about reopening your township and the recovery process for both individuals and businesses in your community. This is in addition to MTA’s Coronavirus webpage that continues to be updated.